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Om det å kjøpe bolig, hva du skal se etter, og hva du skal prøve å unngå.


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Om hvordan boligen din påvirker parforhold og hva du skal tenke over om du ønsker en partner.


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Om trivsel i hjemmet, hva du med enkle midler kan gjøre for å få det hyggelig rundt deg.




Feng Shui Design offers consultations for private homes, business premises or projects of larger scale - as a partner or consultant for architects and interior designers.




Feng Shui Design is run by designer and Chue style feng shui consultant Marianne Bøen, holding an international certification to practise this genuine and classical form of feng shui.


Having graduated from the Imperial School of Feng Shui Norway, lead by Nina Wolther, a two year professional Training Course now available in 20 countries. In addition to ongoing studies with Master Kay Tom and Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. The last being the senior authority of Chue style feng shui and considered a world leading authority in the field.


A member of Chue Foundation, an international network of Chue Style practitioners. For projects of grander scale it¹s possible to engage one of the internationally renowned feng shui experts belonging to this network.


Further experience: An university graduate (the humanities, bachelor), art and design studies (six years), publishing, journalism and advertising (twelve years), running a graphic design consultancy, and more.


Feel free to make an enquiry. Fees: It depends on the scale of the consultation, and has to be considered in each case.


Feng Shui Design is situated in Oslo and can be reached by tel: (+47) 41 32 61 70 or mail.










Feng Shui Design is situated in Oslo, available for consultations in Akershus, Østfold, Vestfold, Oppland and Hedmark.